Merancas Education Assistance Grants/Loans

The purpose of the Merancas Education Assistance Grant/Loan is to provide students with immediate funding to meet unusual and unexpected expenses beyond the ordinary educational expenses met through financial aid.

The Merancas Loans are not being issued at this time. Please continue to monitor this site for updates.

Students can receive up to $350 in the form of loan or grant to be used for tuition, books and supplies, childcare, transportation and/or life emergency situations. Please note that a student may only receive funding once during their matriculation through Atlanta Technical College.

Grants will be administered at the discretion of the Atlanta Technical College Foundation based on financial need..

Students should be reminded that assistance loan monies are repaid to the Atlanta Technical College Foundation from their financial aid refund.

Examples of preferred requests – educational materials not available in the Atlanta Technical College bookstore, childcare services, transportation needs.

Examples of requests that are not considered emergency/hardships– student account balances due to student negligence, utilities (unless disconnected – excludes cable, cell phones and internet), mortgage payment (unless home is in foreclosure), rent (unless there is an eviction notice), car payment (unless repossessed).

In order to receive funding, you must be in good academic standing and currently registered for class. Please note that financial aid must be utilized in book store prior to applying for a hardship loans (if you need assistance for book purchases).

For more information, please email

Funds for the program are generously provided from the Merancas Foundation and other donations from the Atlanta community