Staff Development

An important tenet of education, particularly of technical education, is the concept of life-long learning. In keeping with that concept, staff members at Atlanta Technical College are encouraged to participate in staff development activities. These activities include back-to-industry experiences, skill updates, seminars, workshops, and classes.

Staff Development is encouraged for two primary reasons:

  1. To promote personal and professional growth and development.
  2. To keep up with the changing demands of industry so that staff may stay prepared to offer optimum quality instruction.

Staff development needs will be considered in the areas of personal and professional growth.

The employee and supervisor will collaborate on the staff development needs for each year during the performance management conference.

Mandatory Training

This is the Mandatory Training segment of the ATC Online Orientation. As an employee of ATC, you are required to complete four Mandatory Training courses.

The College is committed to providing the training necessary for all employees to understand their compliance responsibilities under a variety of government regulations. For this reason, we are continuing our monthly schedule of training sessions for all new part-time and full-time employees, as well as continuing employees who have not received this training in the past. The training sessions will include required topics such as Sexual Harassment Avoidance, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Workplace Violence, and OSHA requirements for training in hazardous communications, injury and illness, fire extinguisher, and emergency procedures.

To access Hazmat and sexual harassment training     need to check your email to get both username and password

To access Active Shooter Training  all you need is the school email address

Follow this instruction to update your Emergency Profile

Supervisors are expected to ensure their new part-time and full-time employees receive this training in the first available training session after the employee's hire date. Continuing employees who have not received some or all of this training, or who were trained more than three years ago, should make arrangements with their supervisor to attend the segments needed immediately.

Computer training are currently instructor-led training courses. These courses are offered throughout the year. We will update you when it's available. To see a copy of schedule of upcoming training sessions, please click here.

At the end each course you will be required to print the Training Records for Sexual Harassment, Hazmat, and active shooter, fill them out, and turn them in to your supervisor, so you will get credit for completing the trainings.