Students can withdraw his/herself from classes utilizing the BANNER student portal. Students can withdraw from all but their final class using the BANNER student portal. Students must report to the Registrar’s Office to withdraw from their final class. If a student registers and never attends class (no-show) but does not formally withdraw from class, the student is liable for all class fees and associated expenses.

Students having an emergency situation such as illness, accident, or death in the immediate family should contact the Registrar’s Office soon as possible. A Stop Payment on a check does not constitute a formal withdrawal nor does it cancel the student's financial obligation.

An outstanding balance consisting of these fees plus a returned check fee will still be owed to Atlanta Technical College. A "Business Office Hold" will be placed on the student's record. Students with a Business Office Hold on their record will not be permitted to register for further coursework, receive financial aid, receive or have forwarded to external third parties any transcripts of grades until the financial obligation has been paid.

For additional information, please stop by the Registrar’s office or check the online Catalog for Course Withdrawal and/or School Withdrawal.