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"Despite the current downturn in our economic landscape, we see a silver lining that has allowed us to prepare the region's workforce for careers that are capable of weathering tough economic storms."

—Victoria Seals, Ed. D.,
President of Atlanta Technical College

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> Logistics is one of six strategic growth areas that are central to the state’s economy
> Logistics is a high-impact sector, with a significant job market.
> Metropolitan Atlanta has the fifth-largest concentration of logistics companies and employment in the country with more than 103,000 jobs.
> There is a critical need for qualified workers at all levels in this field, including commercial truck driving, warehouse management, logistics, procurement, and purchasing.
> Technical certificates, diplomas, and degrees provide the competitive skills needed for entry-level jobs or to give existing employees the credentials to advance in their careers.

2021 Wheels of Equity Campaign

The Atlanta Technical College The Wheels of Equity Campaign
Atlanta Technical College is the only technical college in Atlanta that offers transportation and logistics programs without a designated training facility to teach the necessary skills for commercial truck driving (CDL) and warehousing.

The obvious absence of such a center in Atlanta continues to perpetuate and illustrate the lack of equity and opportunity for people of color to gain access to well-paying, stable careers.

The unemployment statistics in communities of color are well known.
93% of Atlanta Technical College’s students are Black, Hispanic, or Latino. Students who are unemployed or underemployed come to Atlanta Technical College for technical training that is affordable.

With a 99% job placement rating, the Center for Transportation and Logistics has an outstanding opportunity to continue Atlanta Technical College’s leadership of regional workforce development efforts by training essential and front-line workers in Transportation and Logistics.

ATC 2021 Legislative Showcase

*We ask you to join us in a campaign of far-reaching
scope and critical urgency— the Wheels of Equity Campaign.


Site Acquisition, Site Development, and Construction The Center for Transportation and Logistics: $7 Million

Green and Environmental Space: (future Urban Agriculture Program): $1 Million

Programming: $1 Million

Scholarships: $1 Million

Total: $10 Million

Request for Support and Funding: $6.8M

  • Space and capacity to increase current commercial truck driving (CDL) enrollment from 48 students per semester to at least 80 per semester.
  • Increased capacity to work on a variety of diesel equipment and to accommodate an enrollment increase from 36 to at least 100 students per semester (25 per instructor day and evening).
  • The further development of Transportation and Logistics as an umbrella program, under which students can pursue concentrations in warehousing management, operations management, and procurement, with an enrollment increase in these programs from approximately25 students can increase to at least 80.

Please contact Dr. Victoria Seals at for more information on how to support this critical link to ending generational poverty.