Ariel Cornwall

Born and raised in Florida, Ariel Cornwall graduated high school in 2012 and decided she wanted to move to Atlanta to pursue a career in cosmetics as a hair and makeup artist.  She studied at the Paul Mitchell School in order to pursue opportunities in cosmetology, but after attending classes for a brief period, she reflected on her career goals and where she wanted to end up.  Ms. Cornwall realized that she wanted to pursue Dental Hygiene, and decided Atlanta Technical College (ATC) was the only place for her.

When asked what brought her to ATC, Ms. Cornwall stated, “I used public transportation a lot, and I lived in the area, so Atlanta Tech was really convenient.  It was very affordable for my budget at the time, and even though the program was difficult, it allowed me to network and connect with really great people in my program.”

Since graduating in 2018, Ms. Cornwall has worked for corporate offices as a Dental Hygienist and started her own business as a self-contracting hygienist.  She attributes her entrepreneurial attitude to her time at Atlanta Technical College, and has utilized her skills as a self-starter to author and publish a children’s book educating on dental health and cleaning skills.  Recently released, Ms. Cornwall created the book in order to create a fun and easy way to teach young children the importance of dental care and creating good habits at an early age.