Monique Strong

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Monique Strong developed an interest in construction and architecture from a very early age.  Both her grandfathers were involved in the construction industry, and that only furthered her desire to learn more and more about the business.  Ms. Strong graduated from Clark-Atlanta University, receiving her BA in Science and Engineering, but she knew she wanted to discover a new path and to gain new skills.

Realizing she wanted to learn more about the project organization and management side of the construction trade, she looked into local programs she could enroll into for an affordable price and discovered Atlanta Technical College.  Seeking to learn more about the Construction Management, she found immediate attention and support from Department Chair Hector Celis.  After only a brief conversation about her goals and any outstanding questions, Mr. Celis encouraged her to enroll in the program, and Ms. Strong knew she found the opportunity for which she had been searching.  Atlanta Technical College provided her the opportunity to learn about what she wanted, make connections with other professionals, and gain internship and employment opportunities, all while allowing her to maintain a full-time work schedule and progress in her field.

“Atlanta Technical College really showed me something different from Clark-Atlanta University.  The experiences were both great, but I felt like Atlanta Tech really invests in their students and take their time to help them succeed.  I see that someone gave to me, and I want to reach back and help others.”

After graduating in May 2019, Ms. Strong immediately started working for Ujamaa Construction in June, and has maintained a strong relationship with her fellow ATC alumni.  A member of the National Association of Black Women in Construction, Ms. Strong has received lots of support, and is proof of the possibilities for women of color in the construction management industry.