Yasmin Neal

Before attending Atlanta Technical College, Yasmin Neal had a career in law enforcement, along with other career opportunities.  She had already received a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and an MBA in Global Management, but she desired something else. She sought a career change in a completely different industry that would have allowed her to remain competitive and compliant with industry trends in an overly saturated job market.

Ms. Neal decided to attend Atlanta Technical College (ATC) and chose the Aviation program, and from the beginning found a passion that she knew she could develop into a career. Atlanta Technical College provided services and comprehensive knowledge that she knew would help her achieve her dreams. From the beginnings of the admissions process to the rigor that was maintained throughout her time in the program, to the help needed in finding employment after graduation, Ms. Neal was supported all throughout her time as an ATC student.

“I have been in school for a while now, and I have never experienced this level of care that the school demonstrated,” said Ms. Neal.  “Their desire to make sure you are trained and then employed is unmatched. Way too often students leave school without employment, especially students in traditional colleges. Granted, like many of us, I still have plenty of dreams to accomplish, but I am very glad and blessed to have accomplished this one that will definitely impact the rest of my life. Especially as a minority woman in the aviation/technology world, I am looking forward to fully excelling in the industry.  Life is so very, and unpredictable, but I am living proof that at any time you can make a change and go after any dream you desire no matter where you are in your current life. It’s never too late.”  Recently, she accepted an offer with a fantastic aviation company within 45 days of completing the program at ATC.