Welcome to Atlanta Technical College’s
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Whether you are interested in attending Atlanta Technical College or have already enrolled,
the online catalog contains information on the wide array of academic options available, as well as College policies.
Please use this Catalog as a guide, in conjunction with an academic advisor, in planning your course of study and in-meeting
requirements for graduation.

Pre – 2019 catalogs: Former and returning students are able to request to view a catalog that is not available online by
submitting a request to the Office of Enrollment Services at ATCEnrollment@atlantatech.edu.

Two Ways to Search the Catalog

1. Catalog Search: Type what you are searching for in the blank search field, then click the magnifying glass. In the dropdown beneath the search field, you can specify if you would like to search the Entire Catalog, the Programs, or Courses. Choosing Programs or Courses will narrow the search results and is optional.

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2. Browse by Section: Under the search field are the contents of the catalog organized by section. You can click on the individual section that would like to view.

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Student Handbook

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