Atlanta Technical College Foundation, Inc.

Contact Information

Shannon Georgecink
Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Staphea Campbell
Director of Institutional Advancement

Foundation Overview

The Atlanta Technical College Foundation was founded in 1999 under the leadership of chairpersons Joseph Johnson and Carolyn Young.

A 501(c)3 non-profit, The Atlanta Technical College Foundation’s mission is to provide support to Atlanta Technical College and the programs and activities carried out by the College. Its purpose is to acquire, retain, invest and administer funds exclusively for the benefit of Atlanta Technical College.

Since its inception, The Atlanta Technical College Foundation has focused on the major goals of resource development, relationship building, and financial management of resources.

Areas of Support

Scholarships and Awards

Priority 1: Support and Scholarships
General support for student awards, needs, and academic-based scholarships to be given each semester to students to supplement expenses related to the cost of their attendance at ATC.

Priority 2: Educational Support Grants
To provide ATC students with immediate funding to meet unusual and unexpected expenses beyond the ordinary educational expenses met through financial aid. These types of expenses (e.g., transportation, medical, or child care) often serve as barriers to graduation.

Priority 3: International Cultural Awareness & Exchange Program
This program provides student and teacher exchange to our sister school, Felix-Fechenbach Berufskolleg, in Detmold, Germany. Our students travel to Germany and stay approximately two weeks living, studying, and working with students from Felix-Fechenbach. Likewise, students from the Germany campus travel to Atlanta for a similar experience.

Priority 4: Faculty Awards and Support
One of the major goals of the college is maintaining a quality workforce. This not only benefits the college in helping it meet accreditation requirements but ensures that our students are getting the best possible instruction.

Equipment Funding

Priority 1: Matching Grant Equipment Program
To ensure our students train on modern equipment that will prepare them for the high-demand careers of the 21st century, the college depends on local industry to donate up-to-date instructional equipment. State funds received by Atlanta Technical College cannot meet the rapid pace of equipment changes. Matching funds (1:1) are available from the state based on the value of equipment or cash raised for this program.

Community Involvement

Priority 1: Community Rebuilding Program
Construction-related programs at Atlanta Technical College partner with locally-based non-profit organizations to build and renovate homes in the disadvantaged neighborhoods surrounding the college.

Priority 2: Healthy Community Program
Health programs at Atlanta Technical College also partner with locally-based non-profit organizations to host health seminars and medical screenings.

Priority 3: Culinary & Cosmetic Collaborations Program
The Human Service programs of Atlanta Technical College supports locally-based non-profit organizations to host events aimed at feeding the hungry and pampering the elderly with pedicures, manicures, haircuts, and hairstyling.