Dual Enrollment

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Learn about options to earn credit while still in high school!

Why Dual Enrollment?

The Dual Enrollment program at Atlanta Technical College provides an opportunity for students to enroll at a participating eligible high school, or home school program in Georgia, and Atlanta Tech at the same time. Students take coursework at Atlanta Technical College for credit towards both high school graduation or home study completion and post-secondary requirements. Students must have approval from their high school and their parents/guardian to participate.

It’s Cost-Effective

Atlanta Technical College’s Dual Enrollment is a cost-effective choice and a great way to save money. The more credits earned while in high school the more time and money you save.  It can save your parents thousands of dollars on the traditional cost of college by saving on tuition, housing, and meal plans.

Easy Credit Transfer

There are 28 general education courses that will transfer to the University of Georgia and Technical College System of Georgia colleges. They may also transfer to other in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities.  Many of the classes are the general education classes needed at most 4-year state colleges and universities.

When is the program offered?

Dual Enrollment is offered during all academic semesters: Fall, Spring and Summer. The application deadlines are below.

Fall Semester – June 1
Spring Semester – November 1
Summer Semester – April 15

Dual Enrollment Eligibility Requirements

All current students enrolled in an eligible public or private high school or home study program in Georgia are eligible to participate in dual enrollment. PSAT, SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer placement test scores are required. The HOPE GPA (minimum 2.6) can also be used for 11th and 12th-grade applicants.

Dual Enrollment Funding

Dual Enrollment funding is available to any 10th, 11th, or 12th grader in the state of Georgia.

  • 10th graders are only funded for occupational/CTAE courses unless they were enrolled in Dual Enrollment during the 2019-2020 school year.
  • 9th graders are not eligible for dual enrollment funding. They can participate but must self-pay for tuition and required fees.

All students are limited to a total of 30 dual enrollment funding hours beginning in Summer 2020, with a limit of 15 hours per semester.

  • Students that have attempted 18 or fewer hours at the end of Spring 2020 are eligible for 12 additional hours of dual enrollment funding.
  • Students that have attempted 19 or more hours at the end of Spring 2020 are also eligible for 12 additional hours of dual enrollment funding.

After 2 course withdrawals, students become ineligible for dual enrollment funding.

Any student can elect to self-pay for any dual enrollment courses.

Those students not eligible for Dual Enrollment Funding are responsible for paying all tuition and any required fees.

Hope Grant and HOPE Career Grant funding can be used to fund additional courses for regular Dual Enrollment students after the student has exhausted the 30 Dual Enrollment Funding hours. Students must choose from a HOPE Career Grant program and meet the HOPE residency requirements. The HOPE Grant and HOPE Career Grant hours will count against HOPE and Zell Miller funding caps.


Enrollment Steps
  • Step 1: Login or set up a GAfutures account and complete the Dual Enrollment Funding application online. The parent/guardian must also approve the application.
  • Step 2: Meet with your high school counselor to express interest in the program, review suggested courses and local district/school requirements and deadlines. The counselor should approve and add the courses in the student funding application at this meeting.
  • Step 3: Complete the ATC Online admissions application. Be sure to choose the ‘High School Dual Enrollment Student’ application type.
  • Step 4: Submit qualifying PSAT, SAT or ACT test scores or copy of HOPE GPA summary to Atlanta Tech or take the Accuplacer placement test (contact hsadmissions@atlantatech.edu for details).
  • Step 5: Receive acceptance letter/email.
  • Step 6: Complete and sign the FERPA Release Form and Dual Enrollment Waiver . These can be scanned and emailed to hsadmissions@atlantatech.edu
  • Step 7: Attend orientation and registration session (information for scheduling will be disseminated upon acceptance).


Dual Enrollment covers all post-secondary tuition, mandatory, and textbooks. Students may be responsible for additional supplies or equipment.





High school students can obtain articulated credit for classes taken while in high school that was taught by the high school instructor. Students have to take the appropriate course, meet the eligibility requirements, and pass the college examination.



Georgia Department of Education

Georgia Student Finance Commission

Technical College System of Georgia

For more information about the Atlanta Technical College High School Programs, talk with your high school counselor or contact the High School Initiatives staff:

General Questions: hsadmissions@atlantatech.edu or 404.225.4511


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