Dual Enrollment

I’m a high school student and want to jump start my college career

Learn about options to earn credit while still in high school!

High School Initiatives

High School initiatives allow qualified students to maximize their education and training time by beginning college while they are still in high school. Qualified students may earn credit at the college only, or they may earn credit concurrently at both the college and high school.

Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program at Atlanta Technical College provides an opportunity for students to dual enroll at a participating eligible public or private high school, or home school program in Georgia, and Atlanta Tech. Students take coursework at Atlanta Technical College for credit towards both high school graduation or home study completion and post-secondary requirements. Students must have approval from their high school guidance counselor and their parents to participate.


Atlanta Technical College’s Dual Enrollment is a cost-effective choice and a great way to save money. The more credits earned while in HS the more time and money you save. You can earn enough credits to skip up to two years of college. It can save your parents thousands of dollars on the traditional cost of college by saving on tuition, dorm cost, and meal plans.

Easy Credit Transfer

ATC has articulation agreements across the state that guarantees the transfer of credits. Many of the classes are the general education classes needed at most 4-year state colleges and universities.

When is the program offered?

The program is offered during all academic semesters:

Fall Semester – June 1
Spring Semester – November 1
Summer Semester – April 15

What is Required for admission?
  • Current student enrolled in an eligible public or private high school (or home school program) in Georgia.
  • 9th – 12th grade (9th graders should have completed at least their first semester of high school prior to enrollment)
  • Minimum SAT, ACT, ASSET or COMPASS placement test scores.
  • Dual Enrollment Student Participation Agreement(must be signed by high school counselor and parent/guardian).
Enrollment Steps

Advanced Technical College Credit (Articulated Credit)

Recent high school graduates may be eligible to receive advanced technical college credit based upon an articulation agreement signed by the school system superintendent and the Atlanta Technical College President. Local articulation and curriculum alignment agreements are in place to meet the needs of the community. These agreements serve students by facilitating the smooth transition of students from secondary to post-secondary technical colleges, encouraging post-secondary education, and elimination of undue entrance delays, duplication of course content, and/or loss of credit.

High school graduates may receive advanced technical college course credit by passing an exemption exam for each course of attempted credit. High school graduates with a “B” grade or better in a high school articulated class are eligible to take an exemption exam. The following stipulations apply:

  • The applicant must meet regular admission status in order to be eligible to receive advanced technical credit college credit (articulated credit).
  • The student must enroll at Atlanta Technical College within 24 months of their high school graduation date.
  • A score of 80 must be achieved in order to receive credit for the course. For more information on the requirements to earn advanced technical college credit, high school students should contact their high school counselor or the High School Coordinator at Atlanta Technical College.