Atlanta Technical College is Experiencing Double, Triple-Digit Enrollment Application Gains in “Pandemic Proof” Careers

August 13, 2020

ATC waives application fees, entrance exams to help Atlantans get back to work

Over the past few months, Atlanta Technical College (ATC) has seen double and triple-digit enrollment application gains in “pandemic proof” careers. Since late May, ATC has waived application fees and entrance exams for individuals interested in enrolling in ATC’s Summer or Fall classes.

“We are excited about the uptick in interest for technical careers as people look for cost-effective ways to expand their skills and get back to work during and after this pandemic,” said ATC’s President Dr. Victoria Seals. “Individuals transitioning from high school or seeking a shift in careers may be faced with additional financial challenges and hardships due to the pandemic. By waiving the application fee and testing requirements, we are removing those barriers and providing more than 150 professional paths forward.”

As of this summer, there has been an increase in applications by students in the following fields of study:

  • Distribution – Materials Management (Logistics & Supply Chain): 135.7% increase
  • Radiologic Technology: 62.5% increase
  • Air Conditioning Technology (HVAC): 41.2% increase

With a 99 percent job placement rating, ATC continues to lead regional workforce development efforts by training essential and frontline workers, and a host of additional careers, including chefs, nurses, barbers, accountants, cybersecurity technicians, hoteliers, and CDL-supported careers.

“Over the last few months, more than 38 million Americans filed unemployment as the world was confronted with an invisible threat. It is a time that rivals the challenges of the Great Depression and the anxiety brought on by the Great Recession,” said Dr. Seals. “Despite the current downturn in our economic landscape, we see a silver lining that has allowed us to prepare the region’s workforce for careers that are capable of weathering tough economic storms.”

Currently, the college is accepting student applications for Fall and Spring enrollment. For more information or to enroll in any of ATC’s programs, please visit