ATC is giving you a new way to showcase your knowledge and skills to employers with industry-recognized and verifiable digital badges. 

Each semester, ATC will deliver micro-credentials, which are short-term, employer-recognized credentials to show that you have achieved a narrowly defined, specific competency or skill. This innovative approach allows you to personalize your learning experience and obtain just-in-time skills and experiences to succeed in the workforce.

Upon mastery of an identified competency, you will be issued, via email, a secure and verifiable digital badge that can be easily shared with employers and attached to your digital resume on platforms such as LinkedIn or other digital platforms. These badges will serve as a personal marketing tool for you to show what you know and what you can do.

Once that email comes to you with your badge, you might have some questions, so we have some answers:

  1. What is a badge or micro-credential? – A badge is a digital representation of your demonstrated skill in a continuing education course, contract training course, IET, TCC, diploma, or degree. A micro-credential is a subset of a TCC, diploma, or degree, meaning these accompany specific awards given at the end of your coursework and boost recognition of your skills and knowledge. You may be issued a badge a little before earning a credential, like your degree. That is why it’s micro! But with those badges, you are ready to start sharing what you know and can do. 
  2. When I receive an email about the badge, what do I do? When you see your congratulatory email about the badge issued to you at the end of the semester or coursework, you will be prompted to click on the badge and access a third-party account from Canvas. The account will provide you with options to celebrate, post, share, and add badges and micro-credentials to digital resumes and social media including, LinkedIn. Then, watch how badges boost your confidence and employability!
  3. How do employers interact with badges? After you share your digital badge, it is filled with metadata that links to a badge validation page. Employers can click the badges and access information about the coursework completed, skills developed, knowledge earned, and information about the College’s standards. Essentially, it’s a living and breathing credential, where employers can learn what skills you acquire in real-time throughout your coursework and semesters with the College. They get more specific details about why YOU are the right person to hire, and how OUR community supported your achievements. 
  4. Are badges only for credit-enrolled students? No. Adult Education, and non-credit students enrolled in training and specialized courses with the ATC Economic Development Division can be issued badges and micro-credentials to show off their knowledge and skills. Each badge is unique and customizable, serving industry partners in identifying the competency and skills employers want from a global workforce. Take a look at some example badges below.