Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

What is the BIT and What are Concerning Behaviors?

What is BIT?

The BIT’s (Behavior Intervention Team) duties and responsibilities are to identify, assess, and reduce concerning behaviors in order to produce safe campus environments.
At all times, this team will focus on the wellness concerns for others who may be in violation of institutional rules or state and federal law. It is the responsibility of faculty, staff, and students to immediately report any situation that is causing serious anxiety, stress, or fear.
Behavioral Assessment should not be confused with crisis management. A crisis is often defined where a person may pose an active or immediate risk of violence to self or others. In these cases, the college police should be contacted immediately.

Concerning Behaviors

If you are aware of any of the following behaviors, please contact the BIT Team at Atlanta Tech:

  • violent fantasies
  • anger problems
  • fascination with weapons and accoutrements
  • homicidal ideation
  • stalking
  • non-compliance or disciplinary matters
  • academic misconduct and dishonesty
  • interest in previous shooting situations
  • victim/martyr self-concept
  • strangeness and aberrant behavior
  • paranoia
  • violence and cruelty
  • recent police contact
  • mental health history related to dangerousness
  • unusual interest in terrorism
  • speaking or writing that seems bizarre
  • suicidal ideation
  • use of drugs and/or alcohol

How to Report an Incident to the BIT Team

BIT Team Referrals
Individuals can submit referrals in the following ways:

Who are the BIT Team Members?

Team Chair: Dr. Shawn Adams, Dean of Students, sadams@atlantatech.edu404.225.4005
• Ms. Caroline Angelo, Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, cangelo@atlantatech.edu404.225.4554
• Dr. Joni Williams, Special Assistant to the President, jwilliams@atlantatech.edu404.225.4602
• Dr. Katrina Walker, Dean, Health and Public Safety Technologies, kwalker@atlantatech.edu404.225.4420
• Captain Twyla Locklear, Campus Police, Safety and Security, tlocklear@atlantatech.edu404.225.4017
• Mr. Travis H. Salley, Director, Human Resources , tsalley@atlantatech.edu404.225.4612
• Mrs. Mattie Goss, Director of Student Services,,  404.225.4446
• Mr. Ronald Laws, Department Chair of First Year Experience and the Academic Success Center,, 404.225.4628
• Ms. Bernita Banks, Veterans Service Coordinator,, 404.225.4022