Professional Assessment and Certification Center

Welcome to the Professional Assessment Center!

The Professional Assessment Center is conveniently located in Building G on campus, behind the Library.  Our state-of-the-art testing facility consists of 2 exam labs, with a combined total of 78 workstations. Each test lab is equipped with video monitoring and surveillance, and workstation dividers for privacy and comfort.   We are committed to student success, test center security, integrity, honesty and customer service.

The mission of the Professional Assessment Center is to provide a proficient testing atmosphere for the campus and community.  Our facility will afford test takers the opportunity to perform at their maximum potential.  Our assessment amenities will assist students, faculty, staff and the community in maintaining the college’s mission statement related to workforce development.  Our center will adhere to professional standards of the National College Testing Association and services that reflect positive post-secondary opportunities within the college and the community it serves.

Hours of Operation

General Office Hours
Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Appointments only at this time; lab closes at 4:30 PM

Friday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Appointments only at this time; lab closes at 1:00 PM

Contact us by calling (404) 225-4681 or email 

ACCUPLACER Placement Testing

ACCUPLACER is an integrated system of computer-adaptive assessments designed to evaluate students’ skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Atlanta Tech uses the Accuplacer test to determine which courses are best for you.

The ACCUPLACER consists of the following subject areas:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Skills
  • Arithmetic
  • Elementary Algebra

Did you Know? 
If you would like to schedule an appointment for the ACCUPLACER placement testing, you may register here.


Satisfactory scores on the SAT I, ACT, ASSET, COMPASS,  or ACCUPLACER test or a grade of “C” or better from an accredited post-secondary institution in English and Math (level 100 or higher) will exempt an individual from taking the ACCUPLACER test.  Note: Algebra placement test scores are required for certain diploma programs and all degree programs.  Test scores are considered valid for a period of five (5) years.

Click here for TCSG Program Placement Information

Click here to view important dates for enrollment

How Do I Obtain an Official Copy of My Test Scores?

There are two ways to request an official copy of your test scores:

In-person:  Please visit the Testing Center with your government-issued ID and complete the Official Score Request Form.  There is a $5.00 fee (payable at the Cashier’s window- Bldg B).
Online: Go to and select “Official Score Request” in Step 1. Follow the remaining prompts by entering all requested information.  You will be prompted to pay $6.50 ($1.50 processing fee added to online payments).

Other Exams Offered in Our Center

Our Testing Center administers a plethora of exams. We not only provide testing services to campus students, but also to the community. Whether you are a new student enrolling into college, required to take a proctored exam, taking a professional certification test or making a career change, we offer a friendly and convenient environment conducive to your testing needs.

The Professional Assessment Center currently provides assessment services for the following exams:

To register for these exams or for additional information please visit

Testing Center Requirements

Photo ID is required for all exams.  ID must be valid and original, photo & digital copies are not accepted.

Small personal items may be stored in lockers (12″H x 12’W x 12″D) provided by the Testing Center. The Professional Assessment Center and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Personal items, cell phones and/or other electronic devices are the responsibility of the owner.  Lockers are provided as a courtesy but candidates should use lockers at their own risk.  It is encouraged that candidates leave items of value at home or lock in their personal vehicles.

Items Not Allowed in Testing Labs

  • Purses, book bags, hats, laptops, cell phones, headphones, watches and bluetooth devices
  • Calculators (unless exam permits)
  • Notes
  • Food or drinks

Comfort aids are permitted as long as they meet Testing Center guidelines.  For a detailed list, refer to the Comfort Aid Guide.

GED Testing

The GED test is key to opening doors to college and a better career.  Don’t miss this chance to turn one small step into your next big opportunity!  To register and pay for the GED test, click here 
If you require accommodations to take the GED test, please click here before scheduling or call (877) 392-6433.

The cost of the GED test is $184, or $46 per subject area.  Candidates receive a half-off discount on retakes.  You may take the GED test three (3) consecutively.  After your third attempt, you must wait a minimum of 60 days before retesting.

The GED test consists of four subject areas:

  • Mathematical Reasoning (120 min total, TI-30XS allowed on Part II)
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts (155 min, 10 minute break)
  • Science (95 min, TI-30XS calculator allowed)
  • Social Studies (75 min, TI-30XS allowed)

Minimum Passing Score of 145 on each test earns your GED credential.  A Passing Score with Honors of 170 and above demonstrates career and college-readiness.

Study materials may be purchased through GED Marketplace

Check out the video below related to GED and Pearson Vue test centers!