Statement from Atlanta Technical College regarding the Passing of Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron

January 22, 2021

“The way I see it, it’s a great thing to be the man who hit the most home runs, but it’s a greater thing to be the man who did the most with the home runs he hit. So as long as there’s a chance that maybe I can hammer out a little justice now and then, or a little opportunity here and there, I intend to do as I always have — keep swinging.”

-Hank Aaron-

On behalf of Atlanta Technical College, we would like to share our deepest condolences to Mrs. Billye Aaron, family, friends, and countless individuals around the world who love, cherish, and admire the brilliance and life of Mr. Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron. As a long-time board member at ATC, Mr. Aaron’s generosity and commitment to advancing educational opportunities have helped inspire generations of leaders, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. Mr. Aaron’s towering legacy stretches far beyond his historic accolades and achievements as he broke barriers in Major League Baseball but also permeates here at ATC in every hall and corner of our campus.

“Mr. Aaron’s presence and commitment will forever be recognized at ATC as his years of service and philanthropy have helped propel our college, our students, and our ultimate success,” said Dr. Victoria Seals, president of ATC. “While our Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron Academic Complex bears his name, our students, faculty, staff are current reflections of his heartfelt dedication to this community, educational advancement, and economic mobility. To stand in Mr. Aaron’s presence was always an honor. To know his heart was a privilege. And to share his story and honor his legacy is now our commitment.”

Mr. Aaron’s life is one of a game-changer—an iconic figure whose years on this earth will be honored not just for his personal triumphs, but also for his unwavering and steadfast commitment towards his community and future generations.

“Hank Aaron was and will always serve as the standard of decency and civility. He was an accomplished, successful, and legendary icon who cared deeply about using his image, influence, and resources to help uplift others,” said Stephen McDaniel, ATC’s vice president of institutional advancement and Executive Director of the Atlanta Technical College Foundation Board. “My relationship with the Aarons spans 40 years and Mr. Aaron’s philanthropy touched so many with the aim of helping others chase their dreams. I believe Mr. Aaron’s greatest legacy will be how he lived a life of excellence on and off the field.”

Echoing the sentiments of many on ATC’s campus, Dr. Seals reaffirmed the college’s commitment to continue in Mr. Aaron’s proud legacy of achievement. “We are inspired by his support; we are better because he believed in us. We will miss his presence on our campus, but we will honor his service and his legacy with our work and our students’ success,” Dr. Seals said.