Home School Student Admission

I'm a home school student

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Applicants who were home schooled in the state of Georgia and did not attend a recognized accredited program must:
  1. Submit an Application for admission
  2. Pay the one-time $25 application fee
  3. Submit a Certificate of Attendance form from the local superintendent’s office or a Declaration of Intent to utilize a Home Study Program from the Georgia Department of Education verifying that the parent or legal guardian complied with the requirements of home study programs as referenced in O.C.G.A. § 20-2-690.
  4. Submit annual progress reports or a final transcript for the equivalent of the home-schooled student’s junior and senior years (the final progress report or transcript must include the graduation date).
  5. Take the ACCUPLACER placement test and/or turn in SAT or ACT scores.

If you require a paper copy of the application, please contact our admissions office at 404.225.4400