Special Status Admission

I’m not seeking a certificate, diploma or degree

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The special status admission category is designed for students who are not seeking a certificate/diploma/degree but who desire credit for coursework in a specific program. The following admission parameters apply under this classification.
  1. Submit the ATC Application for Admission
  2. Pay the one-time $25 application fee
  3. Students may receive credit for an unlimited number of courses, but may transfer only 25 credit hours into a specific program for award seeking purposes.
  4. Students may obtain regular program admission status before or upon reaching the 25 credit hours and must meet regular program admission criteria, if the hours are to be credited toward a degree, diploma, or certificate program.
  5. Special status students are not eligible for financial aid.
  6. Courses selected by special status students are subject to specific prerequisite requirement.
  7. The number of hours taken as a special admit student in no way waives the requirements of the regular admission process.
  8. Students may enroll in classes on space-available basis.